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Bird Control Glasgow

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Bird Control Glasgow
Bird Control

Birds that nest inside your home or on your roof can cause serious problems for your home and family causing both significant emotional distress and structural damage to your property. 2 of the major offending species in the uk are seagulls and feral pigeons. We have a specialist bird control team to assist you in deterring or removing problem birds from your home. These birds are associated with contamination and a risk to health. Therefore are an environmental hazard.

Bird Control Glasgow
Insect Control

Flying insects such as wasps, fruit flies and bluebottles can be a real nuisance during the spring, summer, and autumn months, and if not dealt with appropriately can contaminate food stuffs and lead to you or members of your family becoming sick. The presence of crawling insects such as bedbugs, spiders, ants, and fleas can be not only distressing experience for you and your family but can also spread disease and cause illness.

Bird Control Glasgow
Squirrel Control

Pest-Master Ltd offer a professional programme to remove squirrels from your loft area. On completion of removal we can also provide a cost to carry out relevant proofing measures to deny future ingress to your property.

Bird Control Glasgow
Pest Control

Rats and mice can be a serious problem for homes and businesses across Scotland's major towns and cities. They bring a host of health problems, damage property and cause significant emotional distress. Our team understands the behaviour of rats and mice and an awareness of what techniques will work for your family or business. We operate within extremely strict guidelines to ensure that our traps and poisons are not in reach of any children or animals.

Bird Control Glasgow
Pigeon Mesh Proofing

As experts within the industry, we can provide tailored solutions to various pest control problems across the area. Whether you have been experiencing problems with pigeons at your commercial or residential property, we can supply and install a pigeon-proof mesh system to ensure the issue is effectively and efficiently controlled. Pest-Master Ltd use pigeon netting systems using latest technology to include uv treated netting for longevity. Pest-Master Ltd can provide a professional fitting of solar panel guard to deny pigeons and squirrels access underneath your roof solar panels.

Bird Control Glasgow
Electronic Fly Killer

At Pest-Master, we provide commercial grade electronic fly killer units to those businesses who handle, serve or store food and where meeting environmental health standards is a must. Catering, restaurants, hotels, and pubs need to ensure that their cleanliness is to the highest standards and is delivered at the right price. We can help make this happen and help make your business a success. We supply and maintain one of the UK's leading manufactures of professional insect control systems and can advise you on which unit is most appropriate for your premises.

Bird Control Glasgow
House Clearances

Our team are fully qualified and take a professional approach to all types of waste disposal to make sure that our client's needs are met and their properties are cleared of all unwanted materials. Where it is possible we will endeavour to recycle what we remove from your home or business, with all of your waste being disposed of responsibly and with minimal impact to the environment.

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Pest Control Glasgow
Pest Control Glasgow
Pest Control Glasgow
Pest Control Glasgow
Pest Control Glasgow
Pest Control Glasgow
What Our Customers Say

Highly recommend Pest Master. We had a terrible ordeal with rats, and they managed to sort it out right away. They came out within an hour. Thankfully, they have not been back - the rats that is. Thank you.

Elspeth Brook

Glen and his team came out the same day and got rid of a wasp’s nest that was causing mayhem in our garden. Fast and efficient. Thanks to you Glen

James McInally

Scott arrived on time and promptly set up the treatment process required to sort out our rat infestation.Another member of staff returned and assisted with carrying out blocking off entry points.Job done.Thanks for a great service.

Eileen-Engineering company neat Lesmahagow.

We discovered a nest in eaves of our flat.Glen attended and treated the problem .No more wasps!!!

Kevin .Rutherglen

We had a problem with Moths.Pestmaster attended on two occasions and gave us advice moving forward.Delighted with their professional service.

Theresa Callaghan-South Lanarkshire

Burrowing rats in my small holding.Pest-Master attended over a three week period and sorted out our issue.Also gave us some great info about how to store feed etc.Thanks Guys.

Jim Clydebank.

We have had a problem with pigeons on our verandah for years.Pestmasters attended after a check to see what was required.We have a net up now ,can hardly see it and no more pigeons.What a relief.Thanks to Glen and Scott for helping us.

Marie Oneill-Shettleston Glw.

We recently moved in to a new house.Bad issue with mice in loft,kitchen and cellar.Pest-Master attended and carried out several treatments .Very thoroughly.Mice are gone thankfully.We managed to sort gaps which were found under cellar door.No further trace since.Great and thanks a bunch.