It is hard to believe we are now heading towards the end of the year, where people are caught up in the excitement of Halloween and Bonfire Night. The year is flying in so quick it is scary. We will be preparing for Christmas before you know it.

You may think you may not have to worry too much about pests in the wintertime. Surely, their numbers are reduced in cold weather and many enter hibernation? The fact of the matter is, when the temperature drops, pests look for shelter in warm surroundings. They are searching for somewhere to hold up during the winter, and your home can make an inviting proposition.

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Many different pests can be found around the house in wintertime. It is not uncommon to see flies or cockroaches riding out the winter months indoors, as it is fundamentally a warmer environment than found in nature. But your new lodgers are generally untidy, capable of transmitting infectious diseases. It may be a disturbing, if not disgusting, thought, but if you see a cockroach anywhere near food, then you should get rid of them right away, to prevent illness.

Everybody knows rats and mice also spread disease, and don’t be surprised if you see rodents appearing from small spaces, nooks and crannies in the winter. You can become accustomed to the sight of a mousehole in the home. Mice come looking for food and can multiply at an incredible rate.

They can also be a source of disease, as they leave droppings everything and defecate when they eat. Mice can chew through woodwork, building nests in the gaps. They also chew the wires, which can cause an electrical rate or can even be a fire hazard.

It can be hard to appreciate sometimes just how much an inconvenience having a pest in the home can be. Especially during the winter, but Pest-Master Environmental Services can eradicate a wide range of pests in any weather. If you are based in Glasgow, Paisley or Rutherglen, and are worried about an infestation as the nights grow longer, then look no further. Pest Master can clear your home out all year long.