The pigeon racing world is all in a flap with the news a long-distance pigeon has been sold at auction for a record-breaking amount. The famous auction house Pipa, which gets its name from “Pigeon Paradise”, has announced a legendary Belgian pigeon named Armando reached an amazing €1.25m Euros. Making him the most expensive pigeon of all time.

Champion Pigeon Sets New Record At Auction

The champion, who has been called the “Lewis Hamilton of pigeons”, is now almost five years old and retired from the racing circuit. At the end of his career, he won three major meets the Angoulême, the 2018 Ace Pigeon championship and the 2019 Pigeon Olympiad before calling it a day. Armando may be almost five years old, but he has recently fathered chicks and pigeons can keep producing offspring up to the age of ten and can live till twenty. But there is no doubt the champion is no longer racing, and he is now living a quieter, more relaxed life.

However, that didn’t stop a bidding war breaking out between two wealthy buyers from China over the course of the auction. The competition got so heated that the total rose from €532,000 up to €1.25m in over an hour.

The previous record for the most spent on a racing pigeon was in the region of £300,000. However, Armando overtook that amount in the space of 24 hours. This was incredible when you consider people spend on average in the area of 2500 Euros for a racing pigeon. Pipa had hoped a champ like Armando would fetch between 400,000 to 500,000 Euros, or dreamed at most, the pigeon would sell for 600,000. They never predicted he would reach over a million.

However, Armando may be an extraordinary pigeon but, in many cases, the presence of our feathered friends can be something of a nuisance. If birds build their nests in your home or place of business or leave their droppings behind, it could lead to structural damage or health problems with possible far-reaching circumstances.

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