It has become something of an annual event at this time of year. Millions of viewers tuning in to watch quasi-famous people flying off to the jungle and engaging in various tasks and trials, mostly involving eating bugs in the name of entertainment.

Love it or hate it, you cannot deny ITV’s reality show ‘I’m A Celebrity-Get Me Out Of Here’ has had something of an effect on the national consciousness. So much so, it has apparently seen a rise in the number of people seeking information, via Google or other outlets, on the various critters and creepy crawlies appearing on the programme.


Reportedly, when it was broadcast last year, Tombola, the gambling firm sponsoring the show, noted a sharp increase in people making searches about the critters being consumed, or contestants were covered in, during the trials. The interest has continued this year, especially after it was announced, in the interest of conservation, living creatures would no longer be eaten during the series. (It is OK if they are already dead apparently).

We in the UK may not face bugs and creatures indigenous to the Australian jungle, such as certain snakes or huntsman spiders, but we have our own infestations to deal with.

You are probably aware we in this country are not unfamiliar with spiders. They can be a source of great fear and discomfort, particularly if you suffer from arachnophobia. Many are repelled by the sight of spiders, while others consider them a nuisance, leaving webbing everywhere and making a mess.

Ironically, experts feel you could repel spiders from your home by keeping it clean and removing any clutter. Ensuring you vacuum corners regularly, and fill up any holes or gaps, nooks or crannies, they could use to gain entry. If you have an issue with ants in your property, you are once again advised to clean work tops, counters and surfaces, disposing of any crumbs or leftover food sources which could attract them.

It is recommended you securely store away food in your fridge and cupboards, and not leave them out in your kitchen. You may have heard the old wives’ tale of pouring salt on the floors and carpets to keep ants away, which often works. Many also advise squeezing lemons and leaving the peals by the front door, as ants hate the smell of citrus.

There are many ways to eradicate ants or spiders, along with any other critters you may have seen on ‘I’m A Celebrity’. If you are dealing with an invasion of pesky creepie crawlies, then call on Pest Master Ltd. We can take the trial out of preventing and eliminating infestations, without charging too many dingo dollars. So, just give us a buzz.