Movie-goers and comic book fans are all in a flap over the news there is a new cinematic Batman. Filmmakers have just announced the latest actor to play the well-loved superhero. Many have been mentioned in connection with the role. Ranging from Avengers star Josh Brolin to Jon Hamm from TV’s `Mad Men` and X-Men actor Nicholas Hoult, who reportedly made the last two. However, he was pipped at the post by the new Bruce Wayne/ Batman, fellow British actor Robert Pattinson.

New Movie BatmanThe 33-year-old has been cast as a younger Caped Crusader in the upcoming movie, simply entitled `The Batman`. He will be taking over the role from previous incumbent Ben Affleck, who played a middle-aged Batman in the DC EU (Extended Universe) movies `Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice`, and `Justice League`.

The new film, due out in 2021, is being directed by Matt Reeves, who made found footage monster movie `Cloverfield` in 2008 and sci-fi sequels `Dawn of the Planet of the Apes` and `War for the Planet of the Apes`. Reeves has said `The Batman` will have a grittier, street-level feel, getting the character back to his roots as a detective. A modern-day Sherlock Holmes solving mysteries, instead of just fighting colourfully costumed super-villains.

Batman is considered one of the most interesting and relatable superheroes in comic books for this very reason. Unlike Superman, who came from another planet, Batman is a human being with no superpowers, except he just happens to be the greatest detective of all time. An aspect of the character many feel the recent movies have not focused on as much.

After all, Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego, is a man with a lot of emotional baggage. He is not only haunted by the murder of his parents as a child but has overcome his greatest fear, which he has used as a symbol, to strike terror into his enemies. The Bat.

The fact of the matter is Bruce Wayne may have been suffering from a condition known as Chiroptophobia, or a fear of bats. If you are living with this phobia, you may recoil at the sight of a bat. You may even panic at the thought if a bat being close by and will take every step to avoid them. Those with Chiroptophobia may exhibit a wide range of psychological symptoms, such as fear, anxiety and a sense of danger. They may also experience physical side effects like hyperventilation and heart palpitations.

Many develop a fear of bats due to their frightening appearance, and the fear they may spread or carry diseases. However, bats are not hazardous to human beings. You may have the image of vampire bats attacking individuals from horror films or ghost stories, but there are only three species of bat in the world which feed on human blood, and they are all found in South America.

If you have a fear of bats, take comfort in the fact it is not a life-threatening condition. However, if your phobia is having a debilitating effect on your everyday life, then it is recommended you speak with a counsellor, to get to the heart of your issues.

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