It must have been something out of a horror scene! A street in Sheffield said to be in the grip of a frightening infestation, where residents are facing monster, super-sized rodents, leaving them afraid to walk out the door.

By all accounts, oversized rats on Popple Street have become so common, you can see bodies of dead rodents littering the side of the road.

Sized Monster RodentsLocals of Popple Street and the surrounding area, Page Hall, in South Yorkshire, have reportedly seen rats the size of cats, capable of jumping or scaling up walls. They are also turning up in the strangest places, where one resident opened the lid of the bonnet of her car and found a dead rat in the engine.

People are finding super-sized rodents all over, with some putting it down to overflowing rubbish bins, which neighbourhood kids are not using properly. Apparently particularly problematic at the weekend where youngsters under 18yrs are hanging around the street, eating takeaways and leaving the leftovers on the ground.

As a matter of fact, going by information acquired from a Freedom of Information request, Sheffield City Council pest control experts attended more call outs at Popple Street last year than any other street in the area, 157 altogether.

Some homeowners feel, to deal with the problem, children should be better informed on how to safely dispose of their rubbish, alongside educating them on the possible consequences of not cleaning up after themselves. Ranging from environmental ramifications to potential health problems or even attracting vermin.

Whichever the cause, the people of Popple Street are now being inundated with large, super-sized rodents. Residents have seen almost a dozen or so rats scurrying down the street or besieging their gardens, leaving them afraid to go out at night.

As well as rats, some homeowners have also found cockroaches, leading them to consider relocating.

The council maintains it has knowledge of the rat issue in the area and wishes to address local people’s concerns about the infestation. They will work with homeowners, as well as collaborators like Yorkshire Water, to deal with the rat situation at Page Hall.

It advises people to clear their rubbish away properly and not overfill bins, to avoid an invasion of rodents. The council can provide relevant advice and information, if necessary. But they feel it is the obligation of homeowners, landlords and the council itself to team up, and try and resolve any environmental problems, which may be adding to the rat issue on Popple Street

You could be facing super-sized rodents, but it may take only the smallest changes to defeat them.