We are now at the dawn of spring, where the flowers are said to be in bloom and we will supposedly see the onset of warm weather, as we leave winter behind and edge towards summer.

See The Bugs That Come Out in SpringtimeHowever, as well as marking the change of season, spring is also the time when a variety of different bugs emerge from where they were hiding during the winter months and bask in the sun. They come in all shapes and sizes, covering a wide range of species, which you will see more often in the springtime.

For instance, if you love butterflies, you will see them arise from hibernation on the arrival of spring. They will spend the wintertime in a shell-like substance called pupua, but they will break free when the temperature rises and the flowers bloom, having become fully grown adults.

However, many varieties of butterfly have already reached adulthood in the wintertime and may be the initial species to commence pollination in the spring.

The change of the season, where winter turns into spring, can also mark an increase in the number of flies buzzing around. It is not uncommon for melting snow to reveal the unfortunate remains of dead animals which can attract them. It is a well-known fact they swarm around waste refuse and discarded food, as well as a build-up of water, leading to a possible proliferation of house flies.

In the wintertime, it is also common to see spiders hold up in man-made structures such as wardrobes, basements, attics and lofts. They can be found in nooks and crannies and inside the walls. Biding their time until weather conditions improve, so they can come out in the spring.

Some people are not aware that ants also go into hibernation in the wintertime. As the temperature falls, it can affect ants’ movements until the entrance to the hive is obstructed. When spring arrives and it gets warmer, ants will begin moving again and their productivity will return to normal.

Springtime is also known for a rise in the bee population, where you will see queen bees and wasp bees emerge from hibernation. They are renowned pollinators, who will search for sustenance from the wildflowers, along with feeding on the nectar and pollen. They need to feed on the wildflowers right away or risk dying out. That is partly why you see so many bees buzzing around in springtime.

It is the beginning of the new year. The perfect time when bugs of all descriptions come out from hibernation and breed to pollinate, as part of the ongoing circle of nature. The world sees increased numbers of bugs every springtime. However, should they reach uncontrollable levels then get in touch with Pest Master Ltd. We have the skills and experience to deal with any kind of infestation, at home or in your place of business, as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you are looking for the leading pest elimination service in Scotland, all year round, then give us a call.