It sounds like something out of a horror film, but this Spring may see Scotland being overrun by pests from overseas. Experts say we should be on the lookout for killer Asian hornets as the country prepares for a three-month heatwave. Warm air coming from Africa is predicted to send temperatures soaring, making conditions conducive for dangerous unwanted visitors, all set to show up on our shores.

Killer Asian HornetsThe term Killer Asian Hornets is not just hyperbole. They are potentially life-threatening pests, whose stings can cause anaphylactic shock. There have been five fatalities linked to hornets in France and now queens are expected to emerge from hibernation in this country.

There have already been sightings of nests in Hampshire on the South coast of England. They were found in the town of New Alresford in the City of Winchester and in Brockenhurst, the largest inhabited village in the New Forest. A popular tourist destination visited by millions of people every year. Raising concerns families and children may be at risk of attack.

In order to evade a hornet attack, you should keep low to the ground. However, many people may not appreciate just how precarious the situation may be. Half a dozen hornets’ nests were discovered in Britain in 2018, eradicated before they could produce fertile queens. However, the consensus amongst some circles is that it is almost inevitable hornets will take up permanent residence in the UK. Increasing the risk to the population while affecting the eco-system.

This may be the perfect time to set up home. We may be looking at the hottest spring on record, where the UK will be experiencing a heatwave lasting three months. Temperatures could reach up to 26C in April. However, the warm weather could see Britain become a breeding ground for dangerous Asian hornets.

We must be vigilant and, on the alert, because it looks like they are here to stay. If you are ever concerned you have come across an Asian hornets’ nest, have it disposed of professionally by calling in an expert. We at Pest Master Ltd have the skills and experience to eradicate any infestation, providing you the first line of defence against dangerous pests. You are in safe hands.