When you are getting ready for Christmas, anticipating unwrapping your presents and having family over for lunch, the last thing you want to deal with is an infestation, possibly ruining your holiday.

Unfortunately, this is reportedly exactly what is happening to people who live in a residential area in the district of Devonport in the port city of Plymouth in the South of England.

Bed bug on woodThe people who live on Lofoten Close are up in arms after discovering signs of an outbreak in their homes, especially as many of the flats are occupied by families with small children. They say the situation has gotten so bad it has spoiled their Christmas, and it is not hard to see why.

Residents say they have found around two dozen mice in the building. People could hear mice scratching in cupboards and doors. They have discovered traces of pests chewing on pre-wrapped Christmas presents, as well as evidence of mice leaving droppings around or urinating.

Filling the flat with the smell of mouse pee, which can not only be embarrassing for friends and relatives coming around but can also be a health hazard.

Residents have speculated the source of the infestation may be traced back to the housing association fixing a blocked pipe drain outside the kitchen wall, by bleeding it. It was just after that when people started noticing mice in the flat, but, in time, nine other properties in the building had an infestation.

Locals say the infestation has also cost them monetarily, where, just when everybody is tightening their belts to buy presents, they have had to throw gifts away, and replace food which has been spoiled. They have also had to pay out for traps to deal with the infestation, but they cannot put down poison, as many of the flats have pets and children running around. All in all, it has cast a shadow over their Christmas, which should be the happiest time of the year.

The inhabitants of Lofoten Close want something done, but they say Plymouth Community Homes, the independent housing association which owns the building, has not yet resolved the situation. The residents originally reported the outbreak in October, but Plymouth Community Homes apparently did not call someone in until the middle of November

However, they have acknowledged there is a problem and will once again bring in a pest control specialist to deal with it. The association understands the resident’s frustration and it sympathises, but maintain they are committed to eradicating the mouse issue as quickly as they can.

Facing an infestation anywhere in the UK can be difficult, but it can be particularly painful at Christmastime. So, let us hope the matter at Lofoten Close in Plymouth is resolved, so the residents can maybe still have a happy holiday.

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