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Flying Insects

Flying insects are not just annoying in your property, business, or Industrial kitchen, they are also unhygienic and can spread various diseases. As the weather starts to pick up in early spring, so too does the flying insect activity!

There are a few methods available that will assist in control of insects, from mesh windows and doors to plastic barriers but few are as effective as a fly glue board UV unit.


Fly Units-How they operate?

Electric fly units provide UV light to attract insects and then trap them. UV light can’t be seen by the human eye, but it is very attractive to many species of flies. The UV light is like a magnet to certain flying insect species, once they pass the blue light a discreetly placed board catches them.

Electric fly units are an excellent option, especially within, offices, food preparation areas and kitchens. Below Pest-Master offer some advice.

Getting the best results from your Pest-Master fly unit.

A few tips from Pest-Master:

1. Correct height for unit-

The optimum height to place fly units is between 7-9 feet. Most insects prefer to fly at this height when foraging for a food source.

2.Keep out of sight from entrance points.

Units are utilised to remove insects that are already within the zone you are trying to control. It is important not to place a unit where the UV light will not attract flies from outside. This will only increase the problem.

3. Location-Location-Location.

Best to place your unit away from other light sources, windows, kitchen lights etc. No need to have unit competing to attract flies.


4. Position above doors


Doors are normally one of the main entrance points for flies, to this end if possible and it is not too bright an area, above an entrance door is a good location to provide cover.

If you need any advice or would like to purchase a Glue board fly unit, please call Pest-Master.


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