Pest-Masters can supply these very effectivefly control glue board units. Our fly killer range offers a cost effective fly control solution for all businesses and homes. Our units are designed to look asthetically pleasing whilst offering excellent cover against flying insects. Pest-Master units can be wall mounted or installed on a flat surface using an fittingl brackets.

By trapping the insects, you avoid the problem of insect fragments, which occurs when using traditional electric grid fly killer units.

Benefits Of Our Units

  • Very effective – eliminates the nuisance of flying insects.
  • Discreet, unobtrusive design – can be used in all areas.
  • Safe and hygienic – no requirement for pesticides or flying insect fragments.
  • Provides peace of mind – our units meet all legal and health & safety requirements.
  • Adaptable – can be wall mounted or sited on a flat surface, using an additional brackets.

Solar 30 Fly Killer

Cobra 45 Fly Killer

Jupiter 45 Fly Killer