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Rats and mice can be a serious problem for homes and businesses across Scotland's major towns and cities. They bring a host of health problems, damage property and cause significant emotional distress. Our team understands the behaviour of rats and mice and an awareness of what techniques will work for your family or business. We operate within very strict guidelines to ensure that our traps and poisons are not in reach of any children or animals.


Flying insects such as Wasps, Fruit Flies and Bluebottles can be a real nuisance during the spring, summer and autumn months, and if not dealt with appropriately can contaminate food stuffs and lead to you or members of your family becoming sick. The presence of crawling insects such as Bedbugs, Spiders, Ants and Fleas can be not only distressing experience for you and your family but can also spread disease and cause illness.


Birds that nest inside your home or on your roof can cause serious problems for your home and family causing both significant emotional distress and structural damage to your property. The two major offenders in the UK are the Herring Gull or Seagull and the feral Pigeon. We have a specialist bird control team to assist you in deterring or removing problem birds from your home. These birds create mess with their droppings, landing on people, cars, washing and other property.