What do you do if you spy a cluster of rats, scurrying around a pile of rubbish on the street? If you want the problem dealt with as quickly as possible, and stave off any public criticism, you call in an expert. This is exactly what has happened in Perth, in Central Scotland.

Rodent Problem After Outcry
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The city is now the site of a major pest control survey after rodents were found close to the High Street. Leading to the local council receiving a flood of complaints from homeowners and businesses in Perth and Kinross. They felt the alleyway between the High Street and Skinnergate had been left full of discarded waste or refuse bags, attracting the rats.

Many have wondered if it may be the after-effect of the new communal bin scheme, introduced at the end of last year. However, the city has now taken steps to eradicate the pest problem, while implementing a plan to prevent the rats from returning. The local council has now had the rubbish bags removed, maintaining it was unfortunately not possible sometimes to clear the alleyway out during the Christmas holidays, but it has since been taken care of.

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News Source: Thecourier.co.uk