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How To Deal With Squirrels

How To Deal With Squirrels

16th of November, 2022

Signs of an infestation?

Squirrel presence in your home or commercial establishment will be obvious. Firstly, squirrels are extremely noisy as they scratch and gnaw at hard surfaces including wooden structures within lofts. You will also see signs of gnawing and or nesting (drey). Like other rodents, they do this to keep their teeth suitably short. Other evidence of squirrel infestations includes droppings, odour, and possibly urine stains coming through ceilings or under insulation. Finally, you may see increased activity in your garden, squirrels will look for food in all sorts of places and love nothing more than bird feeders.

Can I prevent a squirrel infestation?

Just like humans, squirrels like warmth, plenty of food, and a roof over their heads to protect them from the weather, particularly in Glasgow. Reducing the risk of entry is key, you should first remove any accessible feeding opportunities. 

Whilst squirrels love nuts, they do have a varied diet and will adapt to each situation. The fact is squirrels are omnivores that will eat almost anything, they do, however, in general, prefer fruit and vegetables. For this reason, to avoid attracting squirrels, store your food in airtight containers!

In their natural habitat, squirrels love to invade the small and dark spaces of hollow tree knotholes. This is the reason they are more than happy to make a nice drey in your loft void, cupboards, and drawers. If certain you don’t have a squirrel infestation, block up every hole you can find so that they can’t start nesting! Depending on where the holes are you can use a variety of products to deter access.

The truth is that finding every small gap in eaves, or your roof is not always possible, squirrels find even the smallest holes and set to work gnawing to make it bigger and thus provide a perfect access point to establish a home. If squirrels are living with you, do not try to block gaps off, they will create more holes from which to escape. At this point, it's best to phone Pest-Master. 

What will Pest-Master do?

The most common way to control squirrel infestation is through trapping. This method is specifically designed to dispatch squirrels as humanely as possible; it also reduces greatly any stress on the animal which is forbidden by law. It is also illegal to release the Grey Squirrel without a license in the United Kingdom. Grey Squirrels are classified as invasive alien species and are known to damage local wildlife they attack our native red squirrel. 

The best way to deal with a squirrel infestation is to let Pest-Master Glasgow dispatch them as painlessly as possible. We will systematically remove the squirrels in your building or property and take the necessary steps to ensure that your property ceases to be an attractive squirrel property. Proofing is crucial because once your home is vacated, another visiting party of squirrels can come in almost immediately!


While Squirrels are cute and nice to watch in the garden, they can and do cause damage to your home and commercial property. Squirrels may also carry diseases that may harm you and your family if your food and water supply become contaminated by droppings and urine.

Are you facing a squirrel infestation in Glasgow North, Glasgow South, Glasgow East, or Glasgow West and need a pest control company?               

Call our office or emergency number. For pest control call one of our team today at Pest-Master who are more than happy to help.

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