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Spring Is Around The Corner

Spring Is Around The Corner

22nd of February, 2024

Spring is around the corner we hope. Here are four main types of birds that may try to access your property. Please note we can only carry out proofing measures prior to nest building so it’s important to be vigilant.


Four distinct species that are attracted to properties.


1. Pigeons


The pigeon has never really had a great reputation, best known for foraging on anything that is around in our streets and buildings. They are growing in numbers in towns and cities across the United Kingdom and  they are famous for being quite a pest. However, as with all birds they are protected whilst actively nesting. Pest-Master can assist with several solutions, for example areas can be netted off to deny access and spike system introduced to stop them roosting and nesting. Once in an area the numbers will grow rapidly, as they breed all year round. If left to their own devices a small number of birds will quickly establish a home and create a real issue!


When it comes to bird control against Pigeons there are a huge number of options available . If you do have any problems with pigeons then please contact Pest-Master, your local Glasgow and further afield pest control experts. We are happy to provide a free costing from small basic clearances, solar panel proofing and spiking jobs all the way to larger projects such as transport hubs, shopping centres, car dealerships and food outlets.


2. Swifts


It is fairly unlikely that you would be lucky enough to have swifts nesting in your house, unless you live quite high up and normally but not exclusively in a rural setting. Places that get swifts nesting are taller buildings such as churches, barns and recently new build properties in brown belt zones! We have on occasion found noises in roofs on townhouses or residential new build flats can turn out to be Swifts. We have some new methods of protecting properties from swift, call Pest-Master for a quotation.


3. House Martins


House Martins love building their nests underneath eaves on the outside of buildings. The nests are fantastic structures however they do leave a stain when removed at the end of nesting season, not to mention the bacteria associated with droppings. They also leave a lot of droppings through the season which can cause a slip hazard and also not too pleasant when cleaning your car!!

Pest-Master have various solutions to assist in control when the time is right!


4. Starlings


Starlings are beautiful birds and when on the wing in a large group it really is a remarkable sight. Issues arise when they decide to diverge in your property soffits and fascia’s around your property. They can be extremely noisy throughout the night as you try to rest. It is important to not harm starlings while active nesting is taking place, so prevention is the key. By proofing potential entry points using mesh or silicon can help hugely in maintaining a bird free environment.


Please check our website project page for some of our solutions.

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