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Why it’s best to have a pest control contract for your business.

Why it’s best to have a pest control contract for your business.

22nd of January, 2024

Pest control contracts are beneficial for your company for several reasons. This service provides excellent cover and peace of mind to both staff and clients alike. – especially food businesses – have a continuous need for pest control. This means that it’s in your best interests to take out a contract. Another group of people who need a maintenance contract are landlords who manage office blocks or flats. These people will also have to deal with pests on a continuous basis. A pest control contract provides you with many benefits. These include things like the following:

1. It’s cheaper

Pest-Master provide added incentives if you take out a contract. The biggest of these is that you get access to cheaper rates for any additional issues regarding pests within your premises which are not covered as part of your agreement. We will offer a substantial reduction on normal charges for our contract clients. This offer also extends to all staff members private properties.


2. Priority Access

Your visit is scheduled ahead of time. Regular monthly inspections assist greatly in pest management. We look after frequencies of visits and thus allow you to concentrate on running your company.

3. Pests are kept in check

By implementing a continuous and regular maintenance contract service, pests are kept under control and spotted swiftly by our expert technical staff. Their numbers are kept at manageable levels, and you do not have to deal with infestations. Peace of mind is a huge part of our contract service.

4. Constant cover

Pest-Master provide a call out service in the event of a sighting at your premises if you take out a contract. This is useful if you have a pest control emergency. We will be on hand to assist. We have monitoring points established in the correct areas to protect and assist in sourcing infestation.


5. It’s a ‘set it and forget it’ solution

Instead of worrying about your pest issues you can simply take out a contract and forget about the problem. Pest-Master will deal with any problem, freeing you to focus on more important things.

6. Monitoring and tracking

To control pests, we continuously monitor and track their behaviour. If you take out a pest control contract, we will perform this onerous task to avoid any business pest problems.

7. Proofing works

As part of our service agreement, we will offer advice to minimise the risk of infestation. Our technicians will check for any possible ingress points and provide additional information regarding housekeeping issues to protect your site.

8. Reliable and regular servicing

Having set up a contract which meets your needs, Pest-Master will include your business in its regular rotation. This means pest maintenance becomes highly reliable and efficient.


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