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Wasp Nest Information

Wasp Nest Information

22nd of May, 2023

We are about to enter the time of year when wasps begin to get busy. Some info from Pest-Master regarding wasp nest treatments.

Are wasps dangerous?

Indeed, they can be, wasp stings can cause anaphylactic shock and in some cases this reaction can be life threatening or even fatal.

How to spot a nest at your property.

Often the actual nest itself may not be visible, hidden behind/underneath fascia’s or tiles adjacent to lofts and dormers. Keep a close eye out for frequent activity (wasps flying in and out regularly) from one specific area, this normally offers a fair indication of an internal nest.

Should I block off the entrance to the wasp nest?

No, this can be dangerous it will only upset and aggravate the wasps and force them to look for new entrance or exit, this often leads to wasps entering your property and becoming disorientated.

Can I treat a wasp nest myself?

Best call Pest-Master we have the kit and thirty years’ experience in dealing with wasp nests.

 I can’t see nest in loft but activity outside ?

That’s ok we have access kit, extendable pod units and various methods we can deploy to treat your nest.

Do wasps re-use an old nest?

No this cannot happen; every queen wasp builds a new nest from scratch each season.

Do you treat bee nests?

Bees are important for pollination and their numbers are declining, we will therefore only treat a bee’s nest if they present a risk to humans or animals.

How long does it take for the nest to die after the treatment?

Depending on the size of the nest (nests are much larger at the end of the season) activity will cease within 4-72 hours. Once activity has ceased the nest has been eradicated.

Does the nest need to be removed once it has been treated?

Once the nest has been killed it does not require removal, however we will arrange a second visit to remove the nest (an additional fee applies) if requested to do so by the customer.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, if you continue to see activity (from the same point, or very close by), after 3-4 days of the treatment you can contact us to arrange a revisit. Re-treatment of the same nest is free of charge.

The revisit can be requested after five days but must be taken up within four weeks of the original treatment.

After this period any new activity will be considered an additional nest and will therefore be chargeable.

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