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Bed Bug Fact Sheet

Bed Bug Fact Sheet

18th of November, 2022

Signs of infestation:

  • Dark / black stains - on the mattress and surrounding area from bed bug excreta
  • Sweet scent - An unpleasant, sweet, sickly scent
  • Small dark spots - small blood spots on bedding known as 'faecal pellets'
  • Live insects - despite their small appearance (adult are only 4-5mm long) it’s possible to visibly notice live bed bugs and shed skin
  • Blood Spots by Bed Bugs
  • If you notice miniature blood stains on your bedding, then there’s a possibility you could be suffering from a bed bug infestation. Please note that there are many reasons why blood spots may display on bedding – however, if combined with other signs of bed bugs then it is a clear indication of an infestation.
    The sting of a bed bug, is usually painless, which is why it does take a while before you notice any of the other more visual symptoms. These blood spots will usually appear in a linear, row-like arrangement since bed bugs avoid prolonged migration when feeding on the blood vessels.

Other evidence of infestation:

A further sign of a bed bug infestation is small black spots appearing on bed ridges, buttonholes, linings in their hiding places and during the actual feeding process. The average size of their faecal excrement is roughly between 0.5 and 1.0 mm. There can be collections of these faecal pellets found in common areas such as mattresses, bed frames and even behind wallpapers.

Checking harbourages for bed bugs:

Although your bed is the first place to check, bed bugs can also hide in furniture and furnishings including:

  • bed frames and headboard crevices
  • mattress seams / buttons
  • fitted carpets and underlay
  • skirting boards / wall floor junctions
  • between timber floorboards
  • in cracked / broken plaster, under peeling wallpaper
  • inside electrical sockets and fittings
  • drawers and cupboards
  • wardrobes
  • bedside cabinets

Bed bugs are normally found in bedrooms and sleeping areas because they need easy access to a food source / blood meal at night. They are also attracted to body heat and carbon dioxide from human breath.

Pest-Master can help you.

Call for a quotation. We can provide a professional service over a three-visit programme to assist in removing bed bugs from your property.

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