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Pest-Master Explain Why Pigeon Nest Removal Is Crucial

Pest-Master Explain Why Pigeon Nest Removal Is Crucial

16th of November, 2022

The fact of the matter is pigeons cause major problems at your business or house. These can include the following issues:

•Infesting your attic space where they build nests and leave droppings everywhere

•Pigeons block gutters with nesting materials, feathers, and droppings

• Water tanks and drains can also be damaged and indeed contaminated by pigeons active within housings, voids, and loft space.Pigeon droppings damage buildings with their droppings which contain extremely corrosive uric acid.

• Damaging air conditioning units and systems with their feathers and nests blocking airflow

• Damaging machinery that is situated on rooftops

• Causing slip and fall hazards with their droppings

• Hurting the image of your business with their presence. Staff and clients alike won't like to see pigeons active around premises or private properties

Above all else, pigeons spread disease quickly if left to infest properties.

Pigeons have a strong homing instinct and to this end will return to the same geographic location regularly if allowed to do so. Pigeons are inherently destructive. For this reason, pigeon control must be implemented quickly if you find an issue at work or home.


Pest-Masters bird work specialists are fully trained to remove and proof off areas where pigeons are active.

Pigeon control is something that is better-taken care of quickly. Preferably before they have built a nest or established roosting sites for feeding purposes. Once a problem arises, Pest-Master specialists have several ways of carrying out pigeon pest control including removal, cleaning application of relevant proofing measures.

As leaders within our industry, we can supply, bird wire systems, netting systems, and spike supply and fitting.


Pigeons love nesting in areas where they can escape the elements, particularly in Scotland. Areas at the side of dormer units on bungalows are a real favourite, you should also net off any chimneys, extractor fans, and vents. Pigeon’s love roosting in these places. You can also prevent entry with a stainless-steel mesh. These barriers allow airborne elements to escape while preventing pests from getting in. Also, surround exterior air conditioning units with bird netting or spike strips.


Make sure no food and water are easily available to pigeons, this will only serve to increase the chance of infestation. Keep all outside areas clean. Never leave food waste around. Provide convenient dustbins if you run a business that serves food. In residential environments, make sure these have lids that can be firmly always secured, thus denying easy food sources for pigeons.

Also, make sure that there are no standing sources of water. Outside water tanks should be properly sealed to deny easy access.

Drains and gutters should be maintained so that water can quickly run off.

For bird control in Glasgow call one of our team today for a free no obligation quataion.

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