New York City is famous around the world for its fire escape strewn tenements and busy neighbourhoods, with often roach filled apartments and sometimes rats scurrying down the alley. The situation has got so bad, the city has now come up with what some call an innovative, while others deem controversial solution to its vermin problem. It only involves using a tank filled with booze, to get rid of pesky, furry, four-legged New Yorkers.

New York Use Booze To Catch Rats But Not Everybody’s HappyHowever, humour and hyperbole aside, it is a system which, on the surface, may sound horrific and it has attracted some criticism, but New York officials are willing to give it a go, to deal with the city’s ever-escalating rat infestation.

Basically, the plan is to put down a set of rat traps across the city, which will attract the rodents and lure them into a huge tank, resembling a pool, filled to the brim with a liquid with an alcohol base, which renders the rats unconscious, before they drown. This is the part of the plan which has understandably come under fire from animal rights group, who consider the process cruel.

The company which makes the traps, appropriately called Rat Trap Inc, unsurprisingly despite this claim. They maintain the rats feel secure and safe when they are in the tanks, which can contain a maximum of 80 rat bodies at once. The device, the designers say, has a clear, see-through covering which gives natural light. Rat Trap Inc. also maintains the solution in the tank, which appears a murky green, is natural and non-toxic and knocks the rats out right away.

The brand-new alcohol-based rat traps are set to be implemented in parts of Brooklyn with the largest number of rodents, a solution the Borough President has deemed both humane and ecological. Following on from reports there were over 17,000 rodent sightings in New York last year alone, and the rate is only getting higher.

However, the US-based animal rights organisation PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has called the traps cruel and frightening. The group believes in the end, the plan to drown instead of poison rats will not curtail the rodent population, as they may continue to reproduce. Therefore, the city may have to find a different solution to deal with its infestation.