Pop Star Has Bug Named After HerShe is a multi-million selling singer-songwriter, loved by fans around the world. A cultural, style icon, who has won various accolades, such as eleven Grammy Awards, three Brit Awards, and an Oscar. But you know you have really made it when you have an insect named after you!

Lady Gaga, also known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, may now be a bone fide movie star, earning a Best Actress nomination for `A Star Is Born`, and winning the Academy Award for Best Song for “Shallow”, from the film.

But, that all of that may fall into insignificance, after a PhD candidate from the University of Illinois in Chicago, studying treehoppers for a research project, made a fascinating discovery.

Brendan Morris, while observing around a thousand insects, found a female bug with a distinctive appearance; unusual horns, which made it stand out from the others. The scientist felt it had a crazy fashion sense, not unlike the enigmatic pop star. Inspiring him to name the insect in her honour.

He christened the new bug the “Kikaia gaga”, otherwise referred to as a K. gaga, to draw attention to the insect group. The news a scientist named an insect after her came as Lady Gaga announced her new album, ‘Chromatica’, due to be released in April.

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Source: Independent.co.uk