There have unfortunately been many cases around the country of a person’s home being overrun by an infestation, but very rarely does it feature on TV. However, a mother of two named Annie recently appeared on the BBC daytime current affairs programme Victoria Derbyshire, to shine a spotlight on her circumstances. Annie, 28, says she has been left to rot in a cockroach ridden flat in a council estate in Barnet, a suburban borough in North London.

Mother Of Two Opens Up About Cockroach Infestation On TV

Annie was speaking of how her cockroach situation on Marsh Drive had become so horrific that one of the pests actually bit her tiny ten-month-old baby on the eyelid, while her other child, her daughter was also bitten.

The young mother was reluctant to speak up out of embarrassment. Annie was not even aware cockroaches could bite. However, this is only part of a continuing nightmare which has been going on for two years. Pest control has visited the flat she shares with her partner and two children over two dozen times. The infestation has disrupted their lives so much Annie cannot even eat in her own home. She feels physically ill due to the presence of the cockroaches in her kitchen. They have been seen on the worktops, counters, on the sides and in the microwave.

The local council has stated its intention to deal with the infestation issue on the estate, including broadening the baiting programme amongst other measures. For many people living on Marsh Drive, this may seem to be a case of too little too late. However, the fact that this case of cockroach infestation has ended up being featured on daytime national television only highlights how difficult it can be for people living with an infestation.

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