Expectant mothers and nursing staff were in for a shock at a maternity ward in South East London recently, when it had a few unwanted visitors. You could anticipate nervous fathers or family members pacing up and down the halls, but who could have predicted an infestation of bed bugs on the ward. However, that is exactly what happened to King’s College Hospital, prompting reduced visiting hours, regular deep cleanings and forcing staff to wear protective clothing.

The William Gilliatt Ward at the Denmark Hill site, at King’s College Hospital, has 50 beds and it has taken steps to eradicate the outbreak. The parts of the ward affected by the infestation have cut down the hours friends and loved ones can visit patients. Staff have consulted with specialists, carried out deep cleaning and advised new mothers on how to deal with the issue.

The problem came to light apparently after numerous patients went online warning of the presence of bedbugs in the maternity hospital.

This follows a rise in the sightings of the troublesome creatures in and around London. It is widely felt to the influx of a new species of so-called “super-resistant” bedbugs, which are reportedly hard to kill as they have grown immune to the chemicals commonly used to dispose of them.

Some have attributed the increase of bedbugs in London to tourists or students on a gap year coming back to Britain from abroad carrying bed bugs in their bags. These pesky little critters tend to conceal themselves in the seams of mattresses. They are usually invisible to the naked eye unless they have fed on blood, when they have a red appearance. Bed bugs are known for their incredible reproductive capabilities, where an individual bug can give birth to hundreds of insects in a few weeks. The critters are also renowned for their resilience, where they can live for a matter of months without feasting.

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