It is one thing to hear about a rat infestation in Glasgow, but it is something else to see it for yourself.

A recent video has brought home the extent of the rodent problem in the city when a co-ordinator of Neighbourhood Watch recorded footage of rats running around a residential area during the day. Rats mostly only come out at night, but the shocking video shows six or more rodents running around the streets of Garnethill, near Sauchiehall Street, in broad daylight.

Rats In Broad Daylight in GlasgowResidents have also found burrows near the corner of Buccleuch Street and Dalhousie Street. The co-ordonator of the local Neighbourhood Watch has spoken of observing more than two dozen rats in the area, as well as noting signs rodents have been chewing their way through bin lids, which is believed to be adding to the problem.

It has been claimed there are several places in the area where rats are converging. They have reportedly been observed at a newly refurbished park. What’s more, many are apparently tunnelling through a wall by a nearby Primary School, raising public health concerns.

Some people have criticised Glasgow City Council for how they have dealt with the infestation, feeling they could do more. Especially considering how much rates and council tax residents pay, where they feel it is the responsibility of the local council to take care of such issues.

However, Glasgow City Council maintains it always respond to pest control reports from the public as quick as they can. This is as well as announcing an ongoing plan to get rid of 50,000 out of date steel bins and replace them with new models, at a cost of over £6 million.

The council feel this will be a great step forward in reducing the influx of rodents in Glasgow. Although the fact remains the city is felt to be in a state of crisis concerning the number of rats pouring into the city. In the past three years, the city council were called out to handle a rodent problem on more than 14,000 occasions.

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