What do you do when you have gotten used to a visitor acting a certain way and they suddenly change their routine, causing you to act accordingly? It may seem strange, but householders this season are facing a similar predicament. It appears a possible pest has, for some reason, chosen to go against the normal practice and stay indoors, and property owners may be feeling the pinch, with brown rats playing the culprit.

Why Are Brown Rats Staying Indoors

According to pest control experts, this summer has seen an increase in calls to remove brown rats from people’s houses, which flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Not to put too fine a point on it, more and more pest controllers are being brought in to get rid of brown rats, because they are refusing to leave. It seems they have built up a dislike to vacating people’s properties and going outside, which almost goes against their nature. So, what is going on?

Under normal circumstances, there is actually a drop in the number of callouts concerning brown rats in the summertime, as they are no longer found in buildings. Generally, the creature will stay indoors at the close of the year, seeking shelter from the cold during the autumn and winter months. However, when spring and summertime come around, and it gets warmer and the food supply improves, they move outside. The only problem is, this year, brown rats seem to be staying inside, and the question is why?

Some experts have pointed to possible explanations, from the brown rats finding an undisturbed, refuge in the home to a healthy supply of food or water, as brown rats need to consume around 60ml every day.

Brown rats will not spend all their time inside as they must venture outside to drink occasionally. However, the fact is, while brown rats tend to come and go, they seem to be re-entering building more often rather than remain outside, which can be a great source of discomfort and inconvenience to homeowners.

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