Are you among the large number in the UK with a fear of spiders? You will be sorry to learn that, according to scientists, the ratio of arachnids infesting British homes is set to increase, and it may be partly down to mating habits and climate change.

Experts say the hot weather in the summer of 2019, which saw the mercury rise to record levels, combined with the large rainfall, ironically resulting in lush greenery beneficial to tiny insects which spiders feast on. All in all, the abundant food source has led to an upsurge of spiders with full stomachs, in the mood to procreate and looking for a mate.

It Seems There Are More Spiders AboutThe mating season for a spider generally lasts around a month, starting in either the first or second week of September and carrying on (so to speak) to the beginning of October. It is estimated approximately 80% of spiders in the home are males, looking for a female to mate with, usually found in webs or on a windowsill.

It seems people are seeing more spiders around than usual. Entomologists at the University of Gloucestershire have stated it appears the so-called `spider season` is more eventful in 2019 than last year.

Experts recommend householders should keep their doors and windows closed if they are worried about spiders getting into the house. This can keep outdoor-living spiders from entering your home, it doesn’t do any good when trying to stop house spiders from setting up residence in your household.

There are 650 different species of spider in the United Kingdom, but it is felt only a dozen are harmful to human beings. Although, it can be undeniably painful when suffering a bite which can cause skin irritation.

It is also the case certain spider bites may contain venom and some people suffer an allergic reaction and must be careful. However, experts say, in a great many cases, a bite may not be dangerous or result in long term damage.

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