There are many ways to repel insects when on holiday. Most use spray to keep the pests away, while some burn incense. However, incredible as it may seem, a new study says music may be useful for keeping mosquitos at bay. If that’s not all, it is not just any genre of music, but dubstep music can rid you of troublesome mosquitoes.

Dubstep Music A Mosquito Repellent
Image Credit: Consciouselectronic

Who would have guessed a type of electronic dance music from the late nineties would now be a weapon in the fight against mosquitoes? However, a study appearing in a scientific journal called Arcta Tropica has stated dubstep music could protect you from those often-pesky flying insects.

Researchers from around the world have noted that sounds and how they interpret them could influence various animals. Apparently, it can impact their population, survival and how they reproduce. It may seem incredible, but it has been found low-frequency vibrations can increase sexual activity in insects. On the other hand, loud noises can adversely impact how insects belonging to the same species, as well as hosts interpret signals.

In the course of their research, scientists interestingly used a track by the US DJ and musician Skrillex. Researchers played the dubstep song Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites to determine if electronic music could be used in the fight against mosquitoes. The track is known for its combination of both high and low frequencies, making it the perfect test case.

The study showed, when the music was playing, adult mosquitoes did not procreate as much as when it was quiet, indicating the track could affect population control. Researchers also noticed that female mosquitoes enjoying the song were less inclined to attack their hosts and feed on blood. It might seem strange, but some believe the findings of the study may lead to music being used as an effective deterrent for insects.

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