With the release of the new Star Wars movie `Rise Of The Skywalker`, it seems everybody is getting caught up in the force of this blockbuster. Its influence has appeared in the most unexpected places. For instance, who could have imagined you would find Jedi weaponry being used in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh?

Holyrood Workers Using Lightsabre Lasers In Force Against Pigeons

But that is exactly what’s happening, with the incredible news employees are being equipped with what can be described as lightsabre lasers. They have been handed out to deal with an enemy almost as nefarious as The Empire, an infestation of pigeons.

Handheld lasers were first used to ward off pigeons in 2015. However, contractors say, since the practice was re-introduced, alongside the use of hawks and falcons, sightings of pigeons at Holyrood have been greatly reduced.

The practice has seen their number fall to single digits. However, it has not gone without criticism from animal rights groups, who feel using lasers risks harming the birds or even blinding them. Although contractors maintain effects to decrease the population are handled humanely.

The pigeon problem is just the latest pest control issue to beset the Holyrood building since its opening 15 years ago. Despite costing £414million to build, the Scottish Parliament has reportedly been overrun with rats and insects in the past. They had to bring in pest control specialists on around 180 separate occasions in the space of five years.

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Source: Thescottishsun.co.uk