They are more used to playing against the giants of the English Premier League and trying to win silverware in Europe. However, Arsenal Football club is now caught up in an all-new campaign. It turns out staff at the Emirates stadium have been given pest control training, to deal with an unexpected mice infestation.

Facing Mice Infestation

The magnitude of this unplanned pitch invasion is highlighted by the fact the Emirates cost £390 million to build when it opened in 2006. However, it is hard to believe that Arsenal’s state of the art, multi-million-pound ground received a four-star rating for hygiene, making it one of only two Premier League clubs whose stadiums were not given five stars, the other being Aston Villa.

When the Emirates first opened its doors 13 years ago, it was lauded for its steps forward in pest control. However, the most recent hygiene assessment noted various problems which needed to be addressed, while a report carried out in 2016 found traces of mice in the four levels of the 60,000-seater stadium.

There were reportedly traces of droppings found at the stadium, and Arsenal came under criticism over their cleaning regime. However, the club is committed to maintaining good hygiene and following health inspectors’ directions. Arsenal has also resolved to increase staff training and have more frequent calls from pest control experts, amongst other areas, to improve the situation.

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