If you have noticed your dog acting up or scratching more often and you don’t know why. It is possible they may have a problem with fleas because the UK is currently in the middle of a crisis. There has been a massive increase in the number of fleas in the UK. Reports say they have risen by almost 200% and it claimed it is all down to climate change.

During the period of January to March this year, there was a huge upsurge in calls to pest control concerning flea infestations. There are already signs the expected summer influx of pests has started, as we have experienced a milder winter.

Image Credit – Daily Express

According to reports, during the first three months of 2019 there were almost twice as many insects as the same time a year before. Experts have observed a notable growth in pest control calls regarding fleas which have been seen out of season and earlier than anticipated.

Since 2014, higher temperatures and a warmer climate during the first quarter of the year has seen an escalation in insect breeding, leading to greater call out for pest controllers.

2019 has seen a 120% increase in the species of flies found in the UK as bugs hide in people’s homes over the winter and come out in the springtime.

The upsurge in bugs may also be linked to a warmer climate, as discarded food and household waste decomposes faster at higher temperatures, attracting more bugs, flies and larvae.

Who could have predicted though the appearance of the humble flea may be one of the strongest indicators of climate change in the UK? The flea population has gone up considerably in the beginning of the year, where they previously would not have survived the winter due to the drop in temperature.

The warm weather sees more cats and dogs being let out, increasing the likelihood they may be covered in insects, bugs and fleas which they may bring into the house. Most fleas are found in furniture, carpeting and bedding. Those pests which are carried on a host, be it an animal or person, make up about 5% of fleas and are the hardest to deal with.

All in all, many believe, going by current trends, if the climate continues to rise, we may see more cases of flea infestation in the UK.

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