For millions of people around the world, Christmas is the most wonderful time of year. When people picture the holiday, they have an image of family and friends getting together and having fun. They may be seated around the dinner table, opening their presents and going to parties, enjoying the festivities.

However, beneath the traditional Christmas card veneer, it is not all joy and fun and games. Many people struggle at this time of year, and it has been that way down history.

The author Charles Dickens portrayed the economic hardship suffered during the festive period in the Victorian era in his immortal book `A Christmas Carol`, and, unfortunately, it still happens today.


It is hard to believe, in this day and age, many people across the country are living on the breadline. They are struggling to make ends meet, where a large proportion are forced to live in emergency accommodation, which is often the site of an infestation. It is not unheard to see rats and mice running around low rent accommodation, where occupants may attempt to rectify the situation by putting down poison or rat traps. If they have an influx of bugs on the premises, they may also put down cockroach traps, to try and get rid of them.

It is unfortunate cockroaches can be a common sight in low rent accommodation. Ironically enough, cockroaches can be evasive, some would say sneaky, and can be hard to spot. They can flatten themselves and squeeze into corners, nooks and crannies, so you may see them scurrying around, but not fully appreciate just how widespread the problem may be.

However, there are various indicators to look out for, which may point to you having a cockroach infestation in your property. For instance, you may notice an unusual smell, as roaches can emit a strange odour. You may also spot weird markings on your floors, as cockroaches shed their skins and leave droppings behind, as well as smear marks by water.

If you suspect you may have a cockroach infestation you should check the gaps and spaces around cupboards and cabinets in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. You should also be aware different types of roaches are attracted to colder parts of the house, while others prefer the warmth, so it can be hard to predict where a cockroach will turn up.

But there are measures you can take to prevent an infestation which is universal. The first step is to shut off their food supply altogether.
You must be careful to keep your home clean and clear away any foodstuffs from your kitchen worktop or counter. There is nothing more appealing to a roach than crumbs or leftovers lying around. You should also ensure your household waste and refuse bags are disposed of regularly, leaving no rubbish around which could attract pests.

If you have noticed traces of roaches in your home, the next step may be to seal up their escape and hiding places, so they have nowhere to scurry to.
Experts say you should also get rid of potential hideaways like cardboard boxes where they can set up home. You should also seal up any potential entry point, such as nailing a piece of plywood over a hole in the wall or filling up a nook and cranny, where they could find their way into your property.

Many people try baits or sprays they purchased online to try and get rid of the pests. However, it is recommended, to take care of a troublesome infestation, you bring in a professional. Don’t let a cockroach invasion disrupt your celebration. Call in one of the foremost names in pest elimination and prevention in Scotland to eradicate cockroaches from your home or workplace. There is enough to organise during the holidays without having to worry about an infestation, so give Pest-Master Ltd a call.