Scientists Looking For Answers As Cockroaches May Be Developing An Immunity To InsecticidesIn the light of current events, probably more than ever, people are watching out for any pest infestation which may spring up in their home. Some parts of the country have noticed a rise in cockroach sightings, as they are considered carriers of disease. But, going by recent studies, it seems the pesky critters may be getting harder to get rid of, and it may all be down to evolution.

Based on research carried out by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), it appears cockroaches may be tougher to eradicate, as they are seemingly building up a greater resistance to insecticides, making them tougher to kill.

Researchers utilised one of the most prominent species in Britain, the German cockroach, during their experiments. The study team have noticed insects have begun exhibiting what is described as a cross-resistance to different classes of insecticides, making it difficult to remove an infestation using chemicals alone.

Scientists used a combination of insecticides from various classes. They realised, although cockroaches may have built up an immunity to some, they may not have developed a resistance to all of them. During the study, scientists carried out a series of three tests, where they chose three different insecticides, alternated every four weeks for three months.

This was replicated in the second run of tests, where they utilised insecticides from two different classes for six months. The third, and final series of tests saw researchers select a class of insecticide cockroaches had a lower immunity to, which they used for the rest of their experiments.

During each of the tests, scientists examined cockroaches from before they started in the lab. Allowing researchers to use the most suitable insecticides in their treatments.

All the while providing them with the opportunity to choose the class with the lowest immunity. It could be a great step forward in finding the right insecticide to repel a cockroach infestation in the home.