You may have found a wonderful surprise under the Christmas tree, but, according to pest control experts, many homes may have had an unwanted guest this year, a disease-spreading super rat.

They say the UK may be facing an infestation, with the blame partly being levelled at the fare enjoyed at this time of year. It may be an unpleasant thought, but some say overconsuming on food and leftovers at Christmastime may be attracting vermin.


By gorging on the remains of Turkey dinners, as well as other food sources, rodents can increase to supersize, almost monster levels. They can often reach over a foot in length, which can be a frightening sight should you come across one.

You are far more likely to find rodents in your home when the mercury drops. They venture indoors to get out of the cold and find something to eat or drink. Fortunately for them, but not so much for homeowners, there is always plenty on the menu around December 25th.

According to findings, people throw out an astounding two million turkeys annually. If you add other meat products, and the sweet things we usually consume at Christmastime; chocolate, cake, candy and savoury, among others, you could be almost putting out a buffet for rats when throwing out leftovers.

You will be amazed how much food is wasted during the festive season where, as well as turkeys, about five million Christmas puddings and over 70 million mince pies are thrown out every year. What’s more, partly due to reduced refuse collection services, and people overstuffing their bins, causing foodstuff to spill, we see a massive spike in rats running around in wintertime.

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