Although most people love warm weather in the summertime, many feel there can be drawbacks to the mercury rising. Some believe having a heatwave can be a double-edged sword and it can have unexpected consequences. We have recently witnessed unusual activity in the natural world, where certain insects or pests have either behaved uncharacteristically or have increased in numbers.

Bed Bug Sightings On The Rise in SummerWho could have predicted this summer would see a rise in bedbugs, of all species, but that is exactly what’s happening. According to a prominent UK pest control firm, there has been something of a spike in the sightings, where enquiries involving bedbugs rose by over a quarter between the months of May and June 2019. Following on from the news there was a growth in cases of UK homes infested with bedbugs last year, higher than usual, attributed to a surge in temperature in the summertime.

Experts have reportedly noted a consistent escalation in bedbugs across the country in the past few years. Many believe we have seen more and more of the insect in the summer months this year for a very simple reason, bedbugs’ eggs only hatch in higher temperature, so they are thriving in the warm weather.

Some have put the spread of bedbugs down to the fact more people travel in the summertime. They go on holiday and visit different places, staying in hotels or Bed and Breakfasts where they could bring bedbugs back with them. It wouldn’t be too difficult for a versatile, industrious insect to hitch a ride in your bag or suitcase or get packed up with your clothes.

If you have inadvertently brought a pesky bedbug hone with you, you had better watch out. They are always looking for somewhere warm to eat and they are most commonly found in the bed, where they may hide by the pillows, the headboard or behind the bedside cabinets. However, despite the name, they do not limit themselves to the bedroom. They can cover the entire house, from the skirting boards on the floor, in the walls to the cellar. Bedbugs have also been known to conceal themselves in an armchair, inside curtain seams and under the television and further hot spots around the home.

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