We know that rats can cause a lot of damage. They can turn up in the strangest places. However, bank workers in India were in for a big surprise recently when they set out to repair an automatic teller machine and found something inside. You may have heard of the old UB40 song `Rat In The Kitchen`, but how about the rat in the ATM?

What An Expensive Meal! Rat Chews Up 13000 in ATM In India
Image Credit: Good Times

Does it sound like something out of a horror movie or maybe a heist movie? Who would have guessed a rat could have made its way inside an ATM in Tinsukia in India, feasting on the cash inside before passing away?

The pesky rodent is thought to have chewed its way through £13,000 worth of bank notes, for an expensive last meal. Employees of the State Bank of India found evidence of the ravished rats’ crimes when the automatic teller machine was pried open and they could not believe what they found.

The cat burgling rodent had somehow evaded the security cameras, entered the ATM and gorged itself on the bank notes. Some of the money had been torn up into a million pieces and rendered unusable. Despite the fact the ATM had only been filled the day before it malfunctioned. The automatic teller had not been working for a few days when engineers opened it up and discovered what happened.

The SBI, the biggest bank in India with over 50,000 teller machines nationwide, is looking at how the rat got into the ATM and destroy the money. It is also taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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