There is no doubt rats can be a nuisance and turn up in the most unexpected places, but very rarely do they bring down the house. It is not every day a rodent stops the show but that is exactly what happened during a ballet performance in Australia.

It has been reported about two thousand dancers and audience members were left in darkness during a staging of Sleeping Beauty by the Australian Ballet at the Adelaide Festival Centre. The theatre suddenly experienced a blackout just before the final act. The audience thought it was part of the show before it became apparent it was an unplanned interruption and not an artistic effect. The dancers even carried on performing in the dark until they were told to stop by the theatre management. The audience had to be evacuated from the theatre under the glow of torchlights and smartphone screens. They took the incident with good grace, even giving the dancers a standing ovation, but there was no denying the scale of the blackout.

It plunged the whole of Adelaide’s riverside arts precinct into darkness. It also blacked out` The Beginning of Nature`, a performance combining contemporary dance and live music taking place at the same time. But what was the cause of this catastrophe?

It turned out to be a particularly pesky, peckish pest, chewing on a power cable. The state energy authorities identified the culprit as a rat which made its way into the Switching Room housing 11,000-Volt equipment. The ravenous rodent pirouetted in and blew two fuses, bringing the ballet to an abrupt halt by blackout.

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