There is nothing out of the ordinary in seeing flies sometimes buzz around your home, out in the garden or at your place of business.

They can be spotted swarming around your bins, or in the kitchen if you leave food out. Flies can almost become an everyday occurrence. However, if you run a business where food is prepared and served, and you must meet environmental health standards, then an infestation could have dire consequences.

Fly Killer

If you are being overrun by flies and want to get rid of them, Pest-Master Environmental Services use the latest innovations and technology to eradicate the problem. We provide the latest professional insect control systems to rectify the situation, as well as offering advice on how to clear your workplace of flies.

Do you require a fast, effective solution for your influx of flying insects? Why not utilise our excellent commercial grade electronic fly killer and fly control board units, sourced from the foremost manufacturers? They provide an inexpensive and reliable method of disposing of unwanted flies from your home and place of business.

Pest Master Ltd can supply you with discreet, unobtrusive designs which blend with any environment, They can be mounted on a wall or fitted on to a flat surface, using fitting brackets. In fact, our units can be used in all types of areas, delivering a perfect response to troublesome flying insects.

Be assured the flies will be securely trapped, negating the possibility of insect fragments being left behind. A common drawback of conventional electric grid fly killer units. However, if you use one of our units, you can be certain we can deal with your infestation issue in a safe, hygienic manner. We do not use pesticides and you can rest easy our units always adhere to all legal and health and safety requirements.

Choose from the Solar 30 Fly Killer, the Cobra 45 Fly Killer and the Jupiter 45. These are the quality units which could solve your flying insect problems in the most humane way possible and it won’t cost you the world. If you are on the lookout for the most reliable and cost-effective fly killer units on the market, then come see what’s on offer from Pest Master Ltd. We can help you make your fly infestation buzz off in no time.

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