A mother of four living in Govan was recently in for a shock when she discovered a rat infestation in the back garden of her tenement building. The tenant, who does not wish to be identified, has spoken of finding twenty of the pests outside her flat on Howat Street.

The situation has apparently got so bad that the mother, who suffers from OCD, will not open the blinds of her home so her children will not see the rats. She does not wish them to be afraid of where they live.

Mothers Faces Rat Infestation in Govan FlatIt is felt the rodents may have come from the main road, and the river Clyde, which is close by. It is not uncommon for rats to live near a water source, as well as a sewage system.

The resident says the rats are to be found outside her youngster’s window. The extent of the problem was evident in video footage shot during the daytime showing rats running around the back garden and some found in a bin liner in the flat. The rats have built nests in the walls and are producing offspring by the hundreds and the tenant has noticed up to 20 at once and has considered moving to a new house because if the infestation.

This is just one of the many cases of rat infestations which have occurred across Glasgow, the site of the largest percentage of pest control callouts in Scotland.

It has been estimated Glasgow City Council receive around 17 reports of rats in residents’ homes or on the streets of the city each day. If you are living in and around Glasgow, Paisley, and Rutherglen and are plagued by an infestation of rats, then Pest Master Ltd can assist you. We have the skills and knowhow to eradicate a rodent problem from your residence right away and at a reasonable rate. So, for the best in pest prevention and elimination services in Scotland, give us a call. We can make the rats move so you don’t have to.