Do you have an infestation situation? Pest-Master Environmental Services has the skills to remove every kind of pest from a commercial or residential property. Our experts can eradicate troublesome critters from a customer’s home or workplace in no time. So, why don’t you give us a call?

If you have a pest problem at your place of business, then we can take care of it. Pest-Master Environmental Services is especially renowned for our work regarding the hospitality and food service industry. Those running a hotel, restaurant or bar can benefit from our perfectly tailored solutions to the highest health standards.

We believe maintaining a clean working environment is an essential part of pest control. Our highly qualified technicians will perform a deep cleansing of kitchen and bar areas, eliminating any potential breeding sites or harbourage. A possible source of infestation.

It is advisable for businesses which serve and handle food to deter any influx of flies and insects, to keep their workplace clean. We lead the field in commercial grade electronic fly killer units and can help you choose the right unit to meet your individual needs.

If you work in a pub, hotel or restaurant and are looking for the number one professional insect control systems, then get in touch. Telephone Pest-Masters Ltd 0141 586 0239 for a free quotation. We work tirelessly to keep your business pest free.

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