It is the time of year when the days are getting shorter and the nights are drawing in. We are now in the autumn months and approaching the end of the year, where, strange as it may seem, it is still common to see an infestation of pests in the UK. They are not just confined to the summertime, but many are still active in the winter months which you should keep an eye out for.

The majority of rodents and insects hibernate when it gets cold, causing pests to enter a person’s home or place of business looking for warmth, somewhere to live or something to eat. They may gain entry to your property to build a nest or a hive in the garage, attic or basement. Rodents or insects may set up home on the roof, in the wall, the floor or in a cupboard, amongst other places. Pests may also enter your residence or commercial property looking for food, as resources may be hard to find in the winter. The conditions can be difficult, even treacherous, outside, which can bring rodents and insects inside, to get out of the cold.

It is not uncommon to see mice and rats in the home, although they are not generally considered winter pests. However, there is a good chance you could spot them scurrying around your kitchen looking for food. What’s more, they could chew through wires and their droppings could contaminate food, causing possible health problems. So, you should watch out for newly created mouse holes in walls and skirting boards for signs of any new arrivals.

You should also keep a lookout for wasp queens in the autumn. Unlike their drones, they do not die in this time of year. They will look for somewhere to hibernate during the winter months and then when the weather improves, the queen will begin building a nest to lay her eggs, where you may see the results in the new year. You may wonder where the infestation came from, but they had already set up home in the autumn.

You could have an unwanted visitor when the leaves fall from the tree as much as the summertime. If you have seen signs of an infestation any time of year, then you know who to call. Pest Master Ltd is on the cusp of environmental services, incorporating the latest advances in pest control 12 months of the year. For more information and a free quotation, telephone us now on 0141 586 0239.

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