It is not uncommon to see a mouse around the house from time to time. You may see a creature scurry under the floorboards when you turn on the light. For many people, the presence of a mouse in the house may be nothing more than a minor inconvenience. However, there are often instances when a household may become infested with mice and it can make the occupants life a misery. This, unfortunately, was the case for a man from Govanhill in Glasgow, whose home has been beset by rats for the past ten years. Now, he cannot bear to stay there.

Mr. Marcus O’Brien, 48 years old, has been pestered by rodents ever since he first moved into his flat. He sees mice running around at all hours of the day and night. They run along with the window sill, up to the skirting underneath and on top of the sofa, as well as the bed. It had reached a stage where Mr. O’Brien could no longer sit, let alone sleep in his flat. The situation was having an impact on his health. It has caused great stress and he could not eat properly, as everything had to be scrubbed each day. Leaving the tenant wishing to leave the flat and live somewhere else.

It is believed mice were coming up from the empty shop beneath the flat on Allison Street. An abandoned property which had not been used in almost a decade. Mr. O’Brien has addressed the issue with environmental health and Govanhill Housing Association, who were committed to employing additional resources to deal with the problem. Despite pest control being under the remit of Glasgow City Council.

The chairperson of Govanhill Housing Association, who also lives on Allison Street said they were contacted by Mr. O’Brien and they got in touch with pest control contractors to eradicate the issue. The Housing Association also advises tenants who may be worried about mice in their property contact them, as well as informing Glasgow City Council.

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