Are you living in Glasgow or the surrounding area and have an issue with an infestation? You should call in the leading pest elimination and protection firm in Scotland. Pest-Master Environmental Services have been eradicating unwanted visitors from residential and commercial properties for more than fifteen years. So, why not benefit from our experience in dealing with a vast array of problems? Be it an invasion of rodents, a swarm of insects or a flock of troublesome birds. This is an overview of the type of pests we can take care of in no time at all.

Pest Master’s qualified technicians will use their on the job training to remove any uninvited rodents from your home or workplace. There is no doubt rats show up in every major town and city in Scotland and their presence can have serious repercussions. An infestation of rats can be a source of great distress and affect a person’s health. They can spread illness and disease and their droppings can contaminate foodstuff. Rodents have also been known to cause property damage which is why people may wish them dealt with as quickly as possible.

Pest Master Ltd can offer a rapid response for an influx of flying insects, from wasps and fruit flies to bluebottles. We are furthermore on the cusp of insect control, providing effective solutions for crawling insects like spiders, ants, fleas or bedbugs.

Pest-Master Environmental Services has the expertise to remove problem birds, which can also cause a mess with their droppings. They can moreover be the source of structural damage to a property, which is partly why people wish them disposed of in a safe, humane manner.

Whichever type of pest you may be facing, be it rodent, insect or bird, trust our highly trained specialists to deal with it. Pest Master Ltd keeps abreast of the latest innovations in pest removal, to clear up a cross section of issues. For a fast, efficient service to meet your needs, call us now on 0141 586 0239 for a free quotation.

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