Experts around the world working in the field of pest control are always searching for the latest discovery to prevent an infestation and they may have made a breakthrough in the most unlikely area. If you are looking for the latest secret weapon in the war against uninvited visitors, who would have predicted the answer may lie in the tears of baby mice?

Scientists in Japan have carried out a study which have shown baby mouse tears may indeed be utilised to produce what has been called a ‘natural pest control’Baby Mouse Tears which could prevent rodent breeding. An amazing piece of research has revealed baby mice create the chemical pheromones in their tears which make older females lose interest in procreating by withholding their sexual urges.

The substance, known as ESP22, only appears in mice aged between one and three weeks. The study shows it supersedes the s*x-stimulating chemicals created by male mice, making them unattractive to females.

Male mice produce a comparable pheromone named ESP1 which fosters sexual activity, but ESP22 has the opposite effect. The chemical signals supplant those feelings in the females’ brain. Amounting to natural birth control for mice.

Scientists are currently working on perfecting an artificial, synthetic form of ESP22 which is difficult. However, they are hoping to add a small piece of the pheromone molecule to mouse drinking water which may curtail a rodent infestation in parts where they tend to breed.

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