Rat in kitchenMany believe we are in a time of political upheaval. Almost every day the news is leading with stories of infighting and debate in the House of Commons. The leading issues of the day have been splashed across the headlines. However, Parliament has recently had to deal with a different kind of crisis which has not received as much widespread attention. Where, amidst all the political back and forth in the House of Commons between the government and the Opposition (and even inside the government) Parliament was facing an even more insidious threat, of the furry, four-legged variety.

It has recently emerged how much Parliamentary authorities have spent on pest control consultancy has increased by six times in a year. It rose from £1,581 to approximately £10,785 12 months ago, to deal with an infestation of rats and mice, as well as moths, which have swarmed Parliament. Believed by many to be the result of building and restoration work displacing rat and mice nests, causing them to set up home in the historical complex. It has resulted in more pests being seen scurrying around the estate, leading to an increased call for pest control officers. It is felt the rise in office renovations and maintenance in the area is at the root of the influx of pest infestations.

If you are thinking the best way to get rid of vermin was to chase them away with a cat. Unfortunately, felines are not permitted on the Parliamentary estate. However, there are other measures the parliament authorities have taken to deal with an infestation problem. Some of which have not been without controversary. Especially after it was revealed almost £30,000 of tax payer’s money has been spent on flying hawks to scare them away and prevent them nesting on rooftops.

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