We will remove and eradicate pests from homes, hotels, bars, restaurants, factories and warehouses, meeting and exceeding environmental health standards. Call us now on 0141 586 0239 for your free quotation.


As experts within the industry, we are able to provide tailored solutions to various pest control problems across the area. Whether you have been experiencing problems with pigeons at your commercial or residential property, we can supply and install a pigeon-proof mesh system to ensure the issue is effectively and efficiently controlled.


At Pest-Master Environmental Services, we provide commercial grade electronic fly killer units to those businesses who handle, serve or store food and where meeting environmental health standards is a must. Catering, restaurants, hotels and pubs in particular need to ensure that their cleanliness is to the highest standards and is delivered at the right price. We can help make this happen and help make your business a success. We supply and maintain one of the UK's leading manufactures of professional insect control systems, and can advise you on which unit is most appropriate for your premises.
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At Pest-Master Environmental Services, we can carry out deep cleaning to kitchens and bar areas to remove possible harbourage and breeding sites for many pests. Cleaning is a major part of pest elimination and control and to this end, we provide experienced and highly trained technicians to meet all your requirements and assist in providing a safe and pest free environment for all.


Our team are fully qualified and take a professional approach to all types of waste disposal to make sure that our client's needs are met and their properties are cleared of all unwanted materials. Where it is possible we will endeavour to recycle what we remove from your home or business, with all of your waste being disposed of responsibly and with minimal impact to the environment.


Pest-Master can provide a professional fitting of solar panel guard to deny pigeons and squirrels access underneath your roof solar panels.
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